Saotome Michi
What you can find here: Pretty pictures. Social Justice. Media by POC for POC. East Asian Culture. Anime/Manga (but none of that weeaboo shit). A space that tries to be safe for WOC.


GAAAHHH!!! *head desks*

Sin damn it! How is it possible for someone be so handsome and gorgeous!?

It’s just unfair. I mean how can you resist THAT!?

As I said before, you just don’t. 

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In spite of this pain

And the pain that draws this crimson flowing blood

There are these unspoken roads

That no matter how narrow, or tightJust like those tubes

The blood of that fearsome prejudice

Will be cleaned away with the blood of battle!

And just like that, it’s all washed away

Just like from a painted dream

Surely, you can see it now, tooThe road onwards towards the sun!!

JinbeiBE MY NAKAMA!!! Shishishishi…!

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