Last days to participate and win! ºvº/

I’m giving these One Piece in a somehow AT-style paperchilds away! ºvº

By no particular reason~ People seemed to like them, and if I can make someone happy by giving them, then that’s more than perfect! ♥ 

  • I’m planning to finish the Strawhat Crew, so the final pack will include Usopp, Chopper, Franky and Brook~
  • The winner can request any other character (s)he likes, as long as I know how to draw them;;;
  • Like or reblog, both are ok to enter (only once). Help me spreading the voice by reblogging it :D
  • Anyone can participate! But it’s mostly One Piece fans oriented, ‘because of fandom (?
  • Winner will be selected by a random number selector~
  • You don’t need to be following me~~!
  • ENDS: Sunday May 27th 23:59 (GMT -3)
  • I’ll send them anywhere in the world ^q^
  • Also: like or reblog only once! Even if you reblog it one thousand times, you’ll be counted once~ I’m sorry I didn’t clarify this before ;3; 

Ok, that’s all! ºvº Have fun~~    

kyaaaa. They’re so adorable ;A;


aghh this is by the same designer
i lovelove the look
you can get it here

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Oh my god. Just…. drool….that…I am speechless. 



Just a bit of eye candy to make you drool this morning…Gotta love a good old Shake!! :)



Have your cupcake and read it too.

Oh my god.


Beautiful books.

Except Breaking Dawn.

But besides that

this is beautiful.

And besides Twilight. 


Sweetbox by dtpancio on Flickr.

Ooooooooh sweet lord Jesus *-* 

LMAO at the egg one though (Bottom left)