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Last days to participate and win! ºvº/

I’m giving these One Piece in a somehow AT-style paperchilds away! ºvº

By no particular reason~ People seemed to like them, and if I can make someone happy by giving them, then that’s more than perfect! ♥ 

  • I’m planning to finish the Strawhat Crew, so the final pack will include Usopp, Chopper, Franky and Brook~
  • The winner can request any other character (s)he likes, as long as I know how to draw them;;;
  • Like or reblog, both are ok to enter (only once). Help me spreading the voice by reblogging it :D
  • Anyone can participate! But it’s mostly One Piece fans oriented, ‘because of fandom (?
  • Winner will be selected by a random number selector~
  • You don’t need to be following me~~!
  • ENDS: Sunday May 27th 23:59 (GMT -3)
  • I’ll send them anywhere in the world ^q^
  • Also: like or reblog only once! Even if you reblog it one thousand times, you’ll be counted once~ I’m sorry I didn’t clarify this before ;3; 

Ok, that’s all! ºvº Have fun~~    

kyaaaa. They’re so adorable ;A;

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aghh this is by the same designer
i lovelove the look
you can get it here

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Just a bit of eye candy to make you drool this morning…Gotta love a good old Shake!! :)

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Have your cupcake and read it too.

Oh my god.


Beautiful books.

Except Breaking Dawn.

But besides that

this is beautiful.

And besides Twilight. 

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Sweetbox by dtpancio on Flickr.

Ooooooooh sweet lord Jesus *-* 

LMAO at the egg one though (Bottom left) 

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