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character: says "I like bread" that one time
fandom: character has an obsession with bread. bread is character's true love. draws character as bread. every meta joke in fanfic is about bread. the character's room is wallpapered with bread



So… just started watching Once Upon A Time… but I’ve finished the 12th episode and I’m just

BECAUSE RUMPELSTILSKIN X BELLE PEOPLE. They are THE most perfect couple on this show so far and damnit I’m crying  

WELCOME ABOARD AND ENJOY YOUR STAY (with fics, graphics, gifs whatever…oh and the smut, never forget the smut)

THANK YOU YES I WILL XD I’ve spend the last hour just immersing myself into the Rumbelle fandom (which is a beautiful beautiful place with graphics, smutty fics and iced tea) 

I'm done explaining why fan fic is okay - by bookshop →



A throughly excellent overview of fan fiction including many historical and literary examples. 

This is the best defense of fanfic as legitimate fiction that I’ve ever read. Kudos! 




They Are Never Ever (Ever) Gonna Get Together - A Tumblr (Slash) Shipping Song

So there was this graphic. And then morethanprinceofcats rewrote all of the lyrics. Dedicated to those ships. You know the ones.

Do you know that show with two guys?
(The white ones)
Seem written straight to me but who am I
To judge
In fanon they are always shacking up
Though I think those two are brothers 

It’s not that I can’t see the base appeal
It’s two cis and able dudes with abs of steel
Or like, one is really smart but guys, get real
You say, “it’s subtext! Almost text!”
It’s really queer-baiting. 

Canon says that they’re good friends
But ooooooh
I’m telling you, I’m telling you

Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
They (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
You can ship with your friends
Start a new trend
Write a fic!
But they (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever, ever
Gonna get together

Like, ever.

One episode I heard they had a fight
So you blogged about it staying up all night,
Or their differences were finally put aside
And I couldn’t scroll the tag for two minutes. I TRIED.

Character development’s cool
But ooooh
I’m telling you, I’m telling you

Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
They (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
You can ship with your friends
Start a new trend
Write a fic!
But they (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever, ever
Gonna get together

I used to think my OTP was perfect, super
And I used to say, “Death of the author…”

“Ugh, so I checked out the tag for that new show that just came out,
And it’s like… I mean you’d think there were only two characters, ANOTHER show about two dudes with a SUPER IMPORTANT FRIENDSHIP… and it’s like, they
Are NEVER gonna get together. Like. EVER.” 


Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
They (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
You can ship with your friends
Start a new trend
Write a fic!
But they (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever, ever
Gonna get together

Downloadable at the source! I threw it together in an hour but I thought it deserved some vocals.











don’t you wish such place existed

They would be divided according to fandom. Crossover fics would appear in all the fandoms they reference. The smut section would have red lighting (for red light districts, duh) and the fluff section would have bean bags and stuffed animals. The angst section would be between fluff and smut so you can cope as you choose. There would be divisions according to pairings. Fan art would decorate the walls. There would be special nights for readings. The computers could be used to write fic and reference the original canon. Each fandom section would be decorated according to the corresponding fandom. The staff would wear cosplays from various fandoms.

*sobs quietly because this doesn’t exist*

There would be hot chocolate and cheetos and french fries and coffee available at all times; hot chocolate to sip in between sobs, cheetos and french fries to fill the emptiness you feel when you finish a truly great fanfic, and coffee to give you the caffeine you need to pull a reading all-nighter. There would be t-shirts available for the most-loved fanfictions. There would be hammocks and lofts and beds and couches and armchairs and blankets and pillows. It would not be an uncommon thing to spend the night tucked into a corner of this beautiful place. It would be a sanctuary.

*and the tears stream down my face*

Can there be a separate room with hungry hungry hippos and mortal kombat games for all those who are overwhelmed with anger at the shipping wars to get out their frustration?  (I’d rather not be in the middle of a fluff and suddenly a Wincest/Destiel fight breaks out.)

I’d never leave. 

I’m that creeper in the Johnlock section hissing at you when you try to be social with me.

Don’t forget that ship wars will happen, so you should have some Security forces.


how is it possible to love fictional characters this much and also have people always been this way?

like, did queen elizabeth lie in bed late sometimes thinking ‘VERILY I CANNOT EVEN FOR MERCUTIO HATH SLAIN ME WITH FEELS’ 

was caesar like ‘ET TU ODYSSEUS’ 

sometimes i wonder

There is a strong Aokuro Sub-fandom and the majority of KnB fans do ship it in some form or another, but it’s definitely not the only popular ship. There’s KagaKuro, AoKise, AkaKuro, KiseKuro, Kiseki/Kuro, AoKaga, etc. And a lot of people are multi-shippers. AoKuro was a lot more dominant when the anime was just starting out. 



Shipster [ʃɪpstə(r)] s a person shipping little known/unsupported pairings. Usually spend their time on a lonesome search of artworks and fanfictions containing desired OTP; they can be distinguished by spontaneous gross sobbing, a common reaction to spotting their beloved ship.


Do you ever ship something a lot but only in a really really specific way, kind of to the point where you don’t trust anyone else to ship it right until they’ve proven themself worthy and until that point you sort of curl around your ship and hiss like an angry cat at anyone who comes near you.

Has anyone else noticed how much our fanfic terms sound like drugs?





Let’s see here, we got slash, crack, lemon, lime, PWP, fluff, angst, AU. Seriously, it’s like some sort of shady fanfic underground.

Hitting up the alleyways trading doujin in paperbags.

theres slash being traded for crack and au downtown but you didnt hear it from me

No, I don’t think you understand. I need my fluff fix. I’ll give you 5 for thirty lines.

I want to create a new kind of video game. Not a dating sim, but a matchmaking thing where you can get any two characters from a series to get together. Then my unpopular OTPs can become canon.

Think of all the possibilities. 

When someone asks me (in a subtle insulting kind of way) why I ship a certain pairing...

Me: Just because of reasons.
Someone: ........
Me: And that's all I'm going to say because if you make me go any further I'll just collapse into a pile of goo called 'FEELINGS' and then I'll start rambling about all of the totally valid SUBTEXT that ANYONE with eyes should be able to see because DAMNIT it's ALL THERE DAMNIT and WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT CANON SO I CAN'T SHIP IT?! THIS IS A FREE WORLD AND I CAN SHIP WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT! AND THOSE TWO (or three...or four) ARE MEANT TO BE WITH EACH OTHER UNTIL THE F**KING END OF TIME! They are PERFECT and WONDERFUL and ADFSOPJFWIOPNIOFHBSIOTIWPOFAIJSUHRWPOJFKSDNVJSJ>@O$PUI{(@O$UT*WEFDHSCNNURSS@EIF-
Someone: .........................................................................................................(runs away)

I am Iron Man: Youre not a true fan if- SHUT THE FUCK UP. I can be a true fan of a... →



Youre not a true fan if-


I can be a true fan of a band without knowing all of their names, never going to their concerts and buying all their shit.

I can be a true fan of a movie/tv show without watching every episode a million times, knowing the actors birth dates and…

I agree with everything you said.
Old Generation: "You were named after your grandfather."
Now Generation: "You were named after a celebrity."
Next Generation: "You were named after a fictional character."
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