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y’know what i’m making a separate post for this because i think it’s important

that (the thing i just reblogged, about china cracking down on fanfic writers) is the sort of thing i’m talking about when i wish more people would…

lmao okay here goes.

a) “problematic bullshit that upholds the kyriarchy” is one of the most antagonistic, dareisay victim-blaming ways of saying “minorities don’t get a lot of representation in mainstream media and end up identifying with non-minorities” i have ever seen

b) everyone is very fond of pointing out the problems with fandom, but there is a distinct lack of people pointing out the good things about it. probably because anyone who has fun is immediately targeted by people like you. or anyone who has some goddamn perspective about the incredible opportunities fandom provides minorities, that we don’t have in the mainstream world. that is the space i am trying to fill. the “hey maybe sometimes we turn to fandom for a goddamn break and have found it incredibly accepting of us in ways the real world is not, isn’t that great” space.

c) most of the problems you brought up can be attributed to lack of complex minority characters in mainstream media, i wonder why. did you know, in a shocking study, it was reported that most people identify more with characters who have complex backstories, realistic feelings, and lots of screen time? i know, i’d never have guessed either. did you also know, in a world with so much internalized misogyny and general discomfort associated with being a girl, lots of girls prefer to read about boys, especially in sexual situations? i know, no one would have expected that people read fiction to escape real-life discomfort.

d) lol “1% of fandom is cool” if you hate it so much don’t get involved. leave it to the girls who haven’t been brainwashed into thinking anything they like is bad.

e) would everyone stop thinking i am comparing acts of rebellion in china to fandom, they are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT kinds of social change/subculture/movement

f) fucking hahahaha fuck DIFFERENT KINDS OF SOCIAL CHANGE DID YOU KNOW? and here we go with the whole thing that makes me hate tumblr sj so much, aka “you think you did something good? well ACTUALLY you’re not good enough. you’re actually pretty bad. hahaha how do you feel now.” yeah, very good job convincing people to join you, i’m sure lots of them want to be better people now! very movement, much activism.

hahaha omg I can’t with all of this 

a) that is the most hilarious analysis I’ve ever read. Yes I am victim-blaming ethnic minorities for empathizing with white people, even though 1)many fandom bloggers on Tumblr are white and 2) I didn’t say “God those awful ethnic minority fangirls who do this and this and this”, I stated certain problematic behaviors and attitudes that perpetuate tumblr fandoms. I said the majority of fandom is awful because it is awful. And I know because I, an ethnic minority, used to be part of that awfulness. I shipped all those popular white dude ships, I believed in a colorblind society and in reverse racism, I constantly put down female characters, I did all that shit before realizing HOW shitty I was being. How did I realize that? BY READING OTHER BLOGGERS’ CRITICISMS. Criticisms that pointed out all the ways my favorite works of media were problematic. Yes, those criticism that you dislike. Those criticisms helped me realize that everything I believed upheld ideals of a white supremist society and that my actions, which were caused by those beliefs, were hurting people. The only way to stop that was to adopt new non-problematic attitudes, (e.g. to advocate for woc characters, to bring more attention to non-white media). Are the problematic behaviors mainly the fault of those who are in charge of creating popular media? Of course. But ultimately the most important point of change starts with yourself. And many of us on tumblr are creators of media as well; we have the responsibility of being aware of the media we create. When I say “the majority of fandom is upholding the kyriarchy” I am not victim-blaming, I am pointing out all the problematic behaviors in fandom so that the “victims” (as you call them) can look into themselves and think “am I doing this? How can I change? How can I make things better?” like I did in the past. THAT is the first step to change and rebellion, not just going lalalala fandom is lovely, fandom is wonderful, don’t say bad stuff about fandom lalalala 

b) great. yay. y’know I don’t mind that positivity, I just got really ticked off because you had to use that horribly written article about China as a prop for it. Saying fandom and writing slash fic can be great and a form of social change is fine. Saying fandom and writing slash fic can be great and a form of social change and that is related to why the Chinese government arrested fanfic writers and went through some fanfic websites… not fine. Even if you didn’t mean it to come out that way, it did. And that’s what pissed me off because I’ve been seeing so many (mostly white) tumblr bloggers being like “Ugh can you believe China did that? What about freedom of speech? Those poor fangirl writers, I’ve been taking my freedom for granted. See this shows how writing slash fanfic is revolutionary” and blah blah blah. Like none of you know anything about what’s going here so shut the fuck up. Celebrate your fandom all you want, just don’t bring my country’s political state into it. (really not that hard to understand) On a separate note, I’ve personally seen a lot of tumblr fan bloggers patting themselves on the back about how great fandom is. They get marriage equality stickers, get t-shirts that say “Sherlock/John! Gay Marriage!” and call that activism. That’s the kind of positivity and behavior I’m arguing against because calling that activism is an insult to all activists. 

c) hmmm yeah I wonder why non-white/het/male/cis/able characters don’t get a lot of screentime? Oh I know, it’s because of problematic values that we’ve all internalized. I wonder how should we fix this? Maybe by addressing those problematic values and working on adopting new ones? And did you know that shocking studies have shown that due to these internalized values, even when minority characters get screentime, they’re still ignored by the fandom, in favor of white, het, cis, male characters who don’t get a lot of screentime? Hmmm it seems like just advocating for more non white/het/male/cis/able characters isn’t enough (although it’s certainly a first step), it seems like it’s important for us to also look at our own attitudes and thoughts towards racism, sexism, heteronormativity, ableism, body positivity, etc as well? Who would’ve thought? And lol no one’s stopping you from reading m/m fanfic, but learning to like women characters and learning to care about f/f relationships, whether sexual, romantic, or platonic, is a good first step to learning to like yourself as a woman. Again, who would’ve thought. 

d) I just…what? Are you 5? (actually wait no that’s an insult to 5 year olds) Yes of course, since I don’t like the problems in fandom I should just leave since I’m obviously brainwashed. That’s the path I should take instead of… idk concentrating on the 1% non-problematic part of the fandom, following bloggers who I trust to care about these issues, and trying to make it better for the people who follow me??? 

e) glad you get that now (or do you?). Didn’t look like that in your original post. You know the proper reaction in this case is to apologize, not get all defensive. Many of the people who are angry about this are Chinese themselves (me included) and the reason we’re angry is because we’ve seen this shit get pulled time and time again, as stated before. Even if you didn’t mean it, that’s what it came out as. In other words, your intent doesn’t change the fact that your post was hurtful and the fact that you just keep giving these whiny, defensive reactions just reaffirms it. 

f) look what you said in your original post is “ the influx of “your media is problematic”-esque criticism is not necessary for fandom to be socially revolutionary.” that’s where you went wrong. criticism about how media is problematic is what makes it revolutionary- without such criticism I would’ve never opened my eyes and I would’ve continued to be a shitty racist fangirl who put down female characters and who believed in a colorblind society. That criticism, that calling out, is what helps people understand what racist/sexist/ableist/other-ist attitudes they’ve internalized and how to fix it. You can’t just go on blindly loving- that’s not revolutionary. Love by itself cannot be revolutionary especially if it’s problematic- it needs to be informed and it needs to be understood. Think of toxic love by parents who don’t understand themselves or their children- that’s fandom without criticism. So when people (including me) say that what you’re doing isn’t good enough, that’s because it isn’t. You need to understand the problematic side of your actions- which, in this case, is how you used China’s political actions towards fanfic writers as a prop for your own fandom opinions despite not knowing anything about China. This is not new. It’s media imperialism and I’ve seen it happen again and again on tv, in the newspaper, and on tumblr, and as a Chinese woman, it is infuriating. If you can’t accept that what you did is wrong, despite being told by several Chinese people that it is, you’re a shitty person. Truth. 

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I think my favorite thing about the fandom culture on tumblr are the headcanon posts. They’re all revolutionary, because they almost invariably come from marginalized voices. We who have been unloved by the world imagine our favorite characters loving us, fighting for us. Where their creators expect us to exalt them through uncritical worship, we do it by humbling them instead. We make them better by making them one of us.

We racebend, or we explore and celebrate the cultural backgrounds of non-white characters whose ethnicities have been canonically overlooked. We reclaim them as queer or non-binary or neurotypical or disabled, and then we imagine them loving themselves and being loved by their communities. We take characters who have been broken in their battles and envision for them days of quiet happiness, of rest and healing and small comforts, because we’ve been there and we know exactly what you need. We turn them into the role models we should have, that we desperately need, and I think it helps us love ourselves more too. 

So don’t ever stop writing posts about Scott McCall hearing his mother sing lullabies in Spanish or Bucky Barnes helping kids get prosthetics or charity-starting bisexual Steve Rogers who stands up for women’s rights or Hogwarts houses validating their trans students. Give me all your fan art of fat Feferi and hijabi Rose Lalonde and the Avengers in a big cuddle pile of mutual self care. This is so important, don’t let anybody tell you differently. I appreciate it all so much.

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So… just started watching Once Upon A Time… but I’ve finished the 12th episode and I’m just

BECAUSE RUMPELSTILSKIN X BELLE PEOPLE. They are THE most perfect couple on this show so far and damnit I’m crying  

WELCOME ABOARD AND ENJOY YOUR STAY (with fics, graphics, gifs whatever…oh and the smut, never forget the smut)

THANK YOU YES I WILL XD I’ve spend the last hour just immersing myself into the Rumbelle fandom (which is a beautiful beautiful place with graphics, smutty fics and iced tea) 

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I'm done explaining why fan fic is okay - by bookshop>



A throughly excellent overview of fan fiction including many historical and literary examples. 

This is the best defense of fanfic as legitimate fiction that I’ve ever read. Kudos! 

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They Are Never Ever (Ever) Gonna Get Together - A Tumblr (Slash) Shipping Song

So there was this graphic. And then morethanprinceofcats rewrote all of the lyrics. Dedicated to those ships. You know the ones.

Do you know that show with two guys?
(The white ones)
Seem written straight to me but who am I
To judge
In fanon they are always shacking up
Though I think those two are brothers 

It’s not that I can’t see the base appeal
It’s two cis and able dudes with abs of steel
Or like, one is really smart but guys, get real
You say, “it’s subtext! Almost text!”
It’s really queer-baiting. 

Canon says that they’re good friends
But ooooooh
I’m telling you, I’m telling you

Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
They (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
You can ship with your friends
Start a new trend
Write a fic!
But they (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever, ever
Gonna get together

Like, ever.

One episode I heard they had a fight
So you blogged about it staying up all night,
Or their differences were finally put aside
And I couldn’t scroll the tag for two minutes. I TRIED.

Character development’s cool
But ooooh
I’m telling you, I’m telling you

Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
They (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
You can ship with your friends
Start a new trend
Write a fic!
But they (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever, ever
Gonna get together

I used to think my OTP was perfect, super
And I used to say, “Death of the author…”

“Ugh, so I checked out the tag for that new show that just came out,
And it’s like… I mean you’d think there were only two characters, ANOTHER show about two dudes with a SUPER IMPORTANT FRIENDSHIP… and it’s like, they
Are NEVER gonna get together. Like. EVER.” 


Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
They (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever
Gonna get together
You can ship with your friends
Start a new trend
Write a fic!
But they (hey!)
Are never, ever, ever, ever
Gonna get together

Downloadable at the source! I threw it together in an hour but I thought it deserved some vocals.



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don’t you wish such place existed

They would be divided according to fandom. Crossover fics would appear in all the fandoms they reference. The smut section would have red lighting (for red light districts, duh) and the fluff section would have bean bags and stuffed animals. The angst section would be between fluff and smut so you can cope as you choose. There would be divisions according to pairings. Fan art would decorate the walls. There would be special nights for readings. The computers could be used to write fic and reference the original canon. Each fandom section would be decorated according to the corresponding fandom. The staff would wear cosplays from various fandoms.

*sobs quietly because this doesn’t exist*

There would be hot chocolate and cheetos and french fries and coffee available at all times; hot chocolate to sip in between sobs, cheetos and french fries to fill the emptiness you feel when you finish a truly great fanfic, and coffee to give you the caffeine you need to pull a reading all-nighter. There would be t-shirts available for the most-loved fanfictions. There would be hammocks and lofts and beds and couches and armchairs and blankets and pillows. It would not be an uncommon thing to spend the night tucked into a corner of this beautiful place. It would be a sanctuary.

*and the tears stream down my face*

Can there be a separate room with hungry hungry hippos and mortal kombat games for all those who are overwhelmed with anger at the shipping wars to get out their frustration?  (I’d rather not be in the middle of a fluff and suddenly a Wincest/Destiel fight breaks out.)

I’d never leave. 

I’m that creeper in the Johnlock section hissing at you when you try to be social with me.

Don’t forget that ship wars will happen, so you should have some Security forces.

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how is it possible to love fictional characters this much and also have people always been this way?

like, did queen elizabeth lie in bed late sometimes thinking ‘VERILY I CANNOT EVEN FOR MERCUTIO HATH SLAIN ME WITH FEELS’ 

was caesar like ‘ET TU ODYSSEUS’ 

sometimes i wonder

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There is a strong Aokuro Sub-fandom and the majority of KnB fans do ship it in some form or another, but it’s definitely not the only popular ship. There’s KagaKuro, AoKise, AkaKuro, KiseKuro, Kiseki/Kuro, AoKaga, etc. And a lot of people are multi-shippers. AoKuro was a lot more dominant when the anime was just starting out. 

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Shipster [ʃɪpstə(r)] s a person shipping little known/unsupported pairings. Usually spend their time on a lonesome search of artworks and fanfictions containing desired OTP; they can be distinguished by spontaneous gross sobbing, a common reaction to spotting their beloved ship.

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Do you ever ship something a lot but only in a really really specific way, kind of to the point where you don’t trust anyone else to ship it right until they’ve proven themself worthy and until that point you sort of curl around your ship and hiss like an angry cat at anyone who comes near you.

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Has anyone else noticed how much our fanfic terms sound like drugs?





Let’s see here, we got slash, crack, lemon, lime, PWP, fluff, angst, AU. Seriously, it’s like some sort of shady fanfic underground.

Hitting up the alleyways trading doujin in paperbags.

theres slash being traded for crack and au downtown but you didnt hear it from me

No, I don’t think you understand. I need my fluff fix. I’ll give you 5 for thirty lines.

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I want to create a new kind of video game. Not a dating sim, but a matchmaking thing where you can get any two characters from a series to get together. Then my unpopular OTPs can become canon.

Think of all the possibilities. 

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