Just appreciating Tony Stark's face in Avengers Assemble #9

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It’s post-traumatic stress, and Rhodey can tell.

Tony has really retreated after the events of ‘The Avengers’ into his workshop, where he’s building advanced versions of his suits. He has now even has a version of the suit that can latch onto him in individual pieces … anytime, anywhere. As he starts to realize, it’s basically because he doesn’t want to be out of the suit. He’s seen a lot of things in ‘Avengers’ and has encountered a lot of powerful people, much more powerful than he is, and has made a lot of enemies. 

“He’s been building nothing but suits and suits and suits and suits- it’s an obsession.”- Joss Whedon

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They’re pouring latex on him to make a false chest. So that they can place the arc reactor prop in him and make it legitimately look like it’s embedded in is flesh and with tears and scar tissue. The latex is colored so they can see where they are applying and how thick the layers are. It will then be airbrushed to his skintone and details like nipples scar tissue discoloration will be added.

Here’s that picture


Then the reactor prop is added to the dimple. Basically the latex becomes fake skin and they tear part of the center open to embed it.


Now you can see how realistic it looks. 

I cannot express enough how much I love little behind the scenes things like this. 

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I'm so sorry to've put you in harm's way. 
We've got to find out who did this.
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Can we talk about that expression for a sec? Because everyone comments that the Iron Man mask is expressionless and cold. 

But you see his face before that mask comes down?

That’s the exact same face.

Even his eyes are barely conveying emotion and I think that kinda scares me the most. Cos at this stage in his life? This man realised he had nothing to live for except trying to make up for what he had done. And he was going to take anyone who tried to stop him down with him.

And he. didn’t. care.

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 Agent Coulson is down

#gif warning #avengers #okay but why does nOBODY EVER TALK ABOUT THE GENERATION GAP #come on guys this is the MOST INTERESTING THING #look if steve had lived through the war he would have been part of that post-wwii generation #imagine steve in the 60S GUYS #you think he would have put up with those young folks disrespecting those soldiers and his country by protesting the war? HECK NO #remember that scene at the beginning of ca:tfa where he tells off that guy in the movie theater? THAT WOULD BE STEVE IN THE 60S #and tony is in his 40s!! tony is gen x! tony is NOT EVEN A BOOMER #tony is TOO YOUNG TO BE A BABY BOOMER tony is YOUNGER THAN OUR PARENTS #tony doesn’t know what it’s like to live in a country that’s in total war! tony doesn’t know what it’s like for loyalty to your country t… #to be something that almost everyone has! #look guys we make fun of america ALL THE TIME we mock patriotism and nationalism and the usa CON STANT LY #when steve hears the word soldier he equates it with the word hero #and when tony hears the word soldier he hears an insult. #because steve’s war is wwii #and tony’s wars are vietnam and iraq and afghanistan and tony knows that when america fights wars it is not necessarily the good guy! #and steve cannot even BEGIN to comprehend that #steve barely knows what WATERGATE is for god’s sake steve probably still trusts the government #steve doesn’t know about jfk conspiracy theories! steve doesn’t know about the patriot act #(and let me remind you that in 616 canon steve actually fought a war to bring down the expy!patriot act) #god america has grown up SO MUCH since steve’s day #americans are sarcastic and cynical and plugged into the media 24/7 #americans depricate themselves constantly americans hate america more than anybody else does #pearl harbor turned america into a unified force for change in the world; 9/11 turned america into something paranoid and bitter #steve no longer represents america #he represents what america wishes it had ever been #and tony? tony understands the usa a whole lot better than steve does and he knows it and steve never will #and tony understands how war can destroy and steve only understands how it can save #holy christ why would you write porn when you could write about that

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tony stark thinks about other people constantly

he thinks, can i trust these people? or will they betray me? are they talking to me because they like me or because they want something from me? because he HAS TO, because most of the time the answer is the latter, because his father was always disappointed and obie stole his heart and the government tried to steal his suit and shield was just making weapons the whole time, because tony stark has trust issues a mile wide and authority issues to higher than the empire state, because he has some damn good reasons to.

tony stark thinks, how the fuck does it work if you can’t program it? he thinks, pepper+strawberries=?, he thinks, bruce+?=giant green rage monster, and we make jokes out of that because it’s so foreign to us but where the hell do you think tony learned how people worked? a tiny genius, he never had any kind of elementary school playground, just an empty house and an emptier father, and he’s had three friends in the world and one of them he built by himself.

here is a list of things tony stark built by himself: his house. his butler. his heart. the suit of armor that surrounds him. all the suits of armor, because if you think iron man’s the only one you’re an idiot. here is a list of what tony stark is: genius, first, because he’s a genius first, he’s always been a genius first, it’s what took him into afghanistan and out of it, and then a billionaire because that was from his father, and then a playboy because he doesn’t know how to react to people otherwise, and philanthropist comes last. here is a list of the people who love tony: rhodey and pepper, and look at how tony treats them: he never asks, just throws variable after variable into their equations, trying to make them come out positive. here is a list of the people who do not love tony: everyone else, up to and including tony stark.

so when you say “tony stark is a self-absorbed egomaniac”

you’re wrong.

you’re right, but you’re wrong.

you’re right because tony relies on himself, has always relied on himself, has no one else to rely on but himself. you’re wrong because of tony were absorbed in himself, he’d fall apart in a day. he hates what he finds inside himself too much to spend much time there.

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OK, normally I don’t put anything here because less people reblog and such, and feel free to delete this, but every time I watch this part I think the same thing so allow to expound upon it, please.

Look at this guy. Tony “Mr. just-not-the-hero-type” Stark. NOPE. Tony, you lying son of a bitch. This freak with the arc reactor powered whips, he just used them to fucking cut through cars. Cars. Tony Stark is not a car. He doesn’t even have his armor at this point in time. He’s just a man, and a dying man at that. He is not healthy, and so not up to par. And yet. He doesn’t run, he doesn’t hide. He doesn’t even try to go get the armor. That guy is hurting people and so Tony tries to stop him. With a car door. And he is unsuccessful. But he tries.

And sorry Captain Rogers, but every time I watch The Avengers, the part where Steve tells Tony to stop pretending to be a hero? Back the fuck up. He’s not pretending. He is a hero. You clearly haven’t seen all the footage, Steve-o, because this right here? Yeah. You know there are cameras. Even without everything that happened, it’s still a grand prix, and Tony Fucking Stark is driving in it. There are cameras. People see this. It’s on tape, Tony taking on this psychopath who just cut through cars and blew them up without his armor. Because you know what? The Iron Man armor doesn’t make Tony a hero. Iron Man is just a bunch of metal. The real hero is guy inside the armor, putting his life on the line to save other people. And even at his absolute most vulnerable, dying, without his suit, he’s still willing to step up and be a hero. Iron Man isn’t the superhero, Tony Stark is.


I bow to you.

Smiling Avengers: Tony Stark



Two times that Rhodey hands Tony something and nobody tries to analyze the meanings of or even remember, for that matter.


biggestbaddestwolf also mentions: “you’ve got rhodey handing him an award and the reactor, both items of significance when it comes to tony symbolism and those movies.”

seekingthecrazy: People also forget Tony Stark did not hesitate to show weakness when he a, collapsed against Rhodey in the desert and b, when he visibly clutched Rhodey for support as they exited the plane in Iron Man.

Rhodey and Tony, either as platonic soulmates or a slash couple, makes more sense to me than Tony and Steve Rogers. It even makes more sense to me than Tony and Pepper, whom I can not see crossing that professional line.

Tony may have given Pepper his company, but Tony gave Rhodey a suit. What did Tony say about the Iron Man suit? They are one. Tony shared the most intimate part of himself with Rhodey. 

Granted, the dynamic changed when the part was recast, but in the first movie, RDJ and TH showed the complex relationship perfectly.