A teenager from Shanghai who's trying to avoid the normal teenager mood swings.
Just a few things that you can expect to see here: Pretty pictures, Anime/Manga, translations (Hana wa Saku ka mostly), TV Shows (especially Elementary), East Asian Culture, social justice, foodporn, and other random stuff.

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"What are you doing after school Zoro?"

"I’ve got kendo club."

"Just skip!  The new burger joint opened up near my house!"

"I’m the captain, I can’t just skip."

"I’ll go with you Luffy.  Cooking club cancelled on me today."


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All Sanji Day
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♦ Sanji ♦ 
Happy Birthday Mr. Prince! (03/02)

“The name is Sanji. The finest cook on the sea.” 

Color meme special: Sanji + Yellow Birthday March 2nd!


Monster Trio over the years

“Oi, you done yet Marimo?”

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