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Happy Birthday, Lacie!

Pandora Hearts - End of all hope ((Nightwish)). 

(Pandora Hearts Meme: 1/4 BROTP's)

→ T H E S A B L I E R B R O T H E R S
♤ "There's a part of us we can't get back.
A little boy grew up too fast."



Finished piecing together screenshots and made the bigger version! Hope this is useful to someone! (Use High-Res to save it, if that’s what you’d like to do!)

Thanks to the original poster, eva-harbor for finding it!


the url for zoom images works like this:


PRODUCTNUMBER: the number after dp/ in the url

IMAGEID: when you right click to view the image you come to a url like http://ec2.images-amazon.com/images/I/51xzXdZSo-L._SL500_AA300_.jpg only the bolded part is what you want

with the url for this image being


Happy Birthday Alice 20/7


This chapter is honestly what changed my opinion about Vincent.  I used to hate him so much I would go out of my way to harshly express how much I hated his guts, mostly for what he did to Break, Sharon and Echo (and what he almost did to Ada).  But in this chapter I realized that he wasn’t just doing all this because he was a jerk and he could.  He had a traumatic childhood that scarred his perception of things but it was because of people like Gilbert and Elliot that brought back his trust in humanity.  He’s surprisingly loyal and family oriented to the point where he’s willing to shed blood and erase his own existence for their happiness.  He acts selfish but he’s actually being very selfless.  

All the props, man.

Elliot fanboying


GFantasy covers with Pandora Hearts. 


Pandora Hearts Vol.20


9 favourite pictures of — Alice (Pandora Hearts)

another pandora hearts question! do you think jack was idealizing lacie, like do you think was he putting her on some unrealistic pedestal or something?

I’m sorry for answering this so late! But thank you so much for these questions (I really love answering these)! 

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Endless List of Favorite Characters:

Vincent Nightray [Pandora Hearts]

“I want you to clear the world of my existence. That way.. Gil will be able to stay in the sunshine forever. I want to give Gil a past without me.”

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