Happy Birthday Nami ❤

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One Piece Color Spread - Chapter 745
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Typography Series ↔ A Matter of Will

I’ve been meaning to do a collection of this of Luffy for awhile, since I saw a really pretty picture frame the other day and it inspired me to make things like this so I can put it in it~ I kind of want to do other good quotes but can’t find ones good enough.. Please submit me if you have some saved and yeah yayo. 

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“Grow strong, my comrade … that you may stand
Unshaken when I fall; that I may know
The shattered fragments of my song will come
At last to finer melody in you;
That I may tell my heart that you begin
Where passing I leave off, and fathom more.” 


Medical Expertise
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For anon.

One Piece Opening 17


hat doctor nami and her most loyal customer

(THANK U aevium FOR PROMPTING THESE TWO!! I LOVE TJMGHGK SO MGHGCKH can strawhats be fixed that way?¿ i know not))


I ship Nami with all the ladies. All of them.

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(One piece spoilers) 

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Happy Birthday Roronoa Zoro! 11.11

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"What are you doing after school Zoro?"

"I’ve got kendo club."

"Just skip!  The new burger joint opened up near my house!"

"I’m the captain, I can’t just skip."

"I’ll go with you Luffy.  Cooking club cancelled on me today."




Character design credit to asksanjisan!

Love this so much QwQ

O-M-G Iam screaming. This is amazing Yafuu *cries on floor*

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here, have a “what if robin and franky met as teens because robin heard of Pluton plans on water seven and she wants to try and see if theres some history stuff there but when she gets there there’s just too much water and marines everywhere and that stupid gross spandam guy and it sucks and she’s like 15 so she just hides and creys and is depressed and franky is 19 and he’s like “wow who is that SUPER GURL” and hangs around her all the time and robin is like “I DONT TRUST U BRO YOU DONT EVEN HAVE PANTS ON SRSLY” and franky is all like “dude do you wanna see my boat it’s a super boat and since youre super too you’ll like it” and robin has to go after a while and when she embarks franky is there with a new boat named after her and he’s like “ITS THE BEST BOAT I MADE EVER ITS NAMED SUPER ROBIN MECHA GIANT QUEEN N°1 IT HAS CANNONS AND FLOWERS ON IT” and robin just watches him from the harbor like “goddamnit you’re so fucking retarded why do i like you so much” and that’s it that’s awkward teenage years first crush frobin that’s it forgive me guys”