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I just noticed how significant the colour symbolism is with these two characters. We all know that Loki’s represented by green, while Tony by red. But who else is represented by red? Thor. One of the most important people to Loki. And yet, how many times have their differences in personalities and circumstances been established? 

The thing is, Tony and Thor may both be red, but they embody it in different ways. They’re both brave people who’ve learned to change their ways and who aim to improve and help the world- yet Tony is considerably different in his self-loathing and doubt and communication issues… which are all aspects that characterize Loki. And I’m not even going to go into how similar the two of them are because other people have done that and they’re much better at this than me. 

Similarly, there are people who’ve said before how a lot of Loki’s actions were driven by a desire to be like Thor. Thor, the golden boy, the warrior. The failure to gain Thor and Odin’s approval is, ultimately, what starts his spiral downwards. 

Yet what if Loki got to know Tony? Like really know him? What if he got to know him so well that he could see his similarities to Thor, his bravery, passion, and warmth, as well as his similarities to himself, his self-loathing, his intellectualness, his bitter anger? I can’t help but think that it’d inspire him. Because Loki has always been so fixated on how Thor was ultimately different to him from the start, and that was why he could never be like him. Yet here’s Tony, who is so, so similar to Loki… and yet he’s Thor as well, in his own way. 

So, what if Tony became Loki’s new Thor? 


Usually I try to avoid similar composition, but this time I was just too thirsty for frostiron making out scene to pay attention to composing(or coloring). I just want to draw MORE.

My heart’s always with you now…

Of course he had vanished. Not even a puff of smoke or a villainous cackle left in his wake. Just gone. x

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Tony finds himself in the strange land of Jotunheim with Loki at his side


Sinbad as Tony Stark and Ja’far as Pepper. Because why not. Also:

Because hot bastards. I like FrostIron and we all know that Judal wants to get into Sinbad’s pants.


“Don’t look at me like that.” - Loki

“Hey, it was your theory - so how long do we have to fight before we have sex?” - Tony

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Loki: Hiya stranger.
Tony: Hiya back.

tony (as john) & loki (as jane): ‘mr & mrs smith’ au - part I


Tony: So it was all business, yeah?
Loki: All business.
Tony: From the go.
Loki: Cold, hard math.
Tony: Thank you. That’s what I needed to know.

tony (as john) & loki (as jane): ‘mr & mrs smith’ au - part II


Tony takes home a woman he met in a bar. Loki lets Tony take him home. Both of them fail in expecting the unexpected.


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To those of you who used Goggles on this tag, this is for you.

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Tony’s been tantalized Loki. and… … ….. XD



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