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“Sometimes I keep wondering why a son of Odin would want to order a weapon from an ordinary citizen like me,” the blacksmith said absentmindedly, running a hand through his sweaty hair. He really needed a glass of water right now. A drink, actually.

Loki was about to say something when Tony talked again a couple of seconds after the silence he had put for dramatical effect. With a foxy grin on his face and the prince feared for the cleverness of what would come next.

“Then I remember I’m Tony fucking Stark.”

Oh the surprise.

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You experience things, and then they’re over…

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Tony: I think I peed myself..

Loki: Shut up and let me heal you before they find out who’s helping you!

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Fed up with the fantasies, they cover what is wrong -
Come on, baby, let’s just, get drunk, forget we don’t get on. (x)

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For those who asked for me to make this rebloggable: My response to the anon question “Frostiron is abusive. Why do you like all these abusive ships?”


Hey anon. Thanks for the inquiry. Firstly, I don’t view Frostiron as abusive. I don’t think any ship by definition is abusive if the fic writer chooses it not to be. Yes, there are some ships (Sheriarty, anyone?) that are more inclined to be dysfunctional, but even those can be approached in a loving, in-character way, they just take more work and typically demand some sort of evolution of the “villian’s” character. In some ships this is nearly impossible, so authors write great AUs or mellow the wickedness of the characters or lower the stakes for the sake of a good, fluffy fic. I’ve seen this done very effectively with Sammifer. That said; I’ve never viewed Frostiron as inclined to be abusive AT ALL. In that ship, no one is a victim. You have two extremely volatile, intense personalities from widely different (and yet strangely similar) backgrounds coming into contact, but neither Tony nor Loki would ever allow themselves to be manipulated or abused. There’s no weird power dynamic. There’s a lot of power plays, but no one is sovereign over the other. Is Loki batshit? Well, yeah, but he’s also a god. They throw tantrums like this and move on all the time. Is Tony a narcissistic addict? Yes, but circumstances can make him sacrifice self and rise above his demons.  So why do I love Frostiron? First of all, I love flawed characters and I love opposites thrown together. Red and green, magic and science, introversion and extroversion, ice and fire, I could go on for days. Also, I usually read fics where (this is campy, I know) Loki apologizes for attacking Earth or is helping the Avengers or something else redeeming.  I’m a sucker for Avenger!Loki. I’d much rather watch the intense drama that is Loki and Tony being madly in love while trying to not to kill each other than being mortal enemies while at it. Like, they’ve both been rejected by their fathers and been through trauma and been isolated from others by past mistakes and personality flaws. They KNOW each other, down to the ego fluctuations and use of wit to cover their insecurities. I honestly think they’re a good couple, improbable as it is. Also, I’m fascinated by the characters separately. Also, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty hot. 

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if tony and loki were to ever enter a relationship together loki would immediately begin destroying all of tony’s other relationships, some slowly and some quickly, so tony would be all alone without him and never be able to leave him


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I will try to fix you

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I need you in my bed
I need you to wreck my head

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Some sad news


Hi everyone, I’m sorry to bring a little sorrow to this blog, but I wanted to let you know that Emily, aka starkrevelations, author of the fic ‘Exit Wounds’, ‘Fear and Loathing’, and ‘Unsure and a Hundred’ has passed away. I don’t know from what or why, but I know that she had a lot of fans of her writing and supporters in this fandom and I know she will be missed greatly.

All my love and condolences to her family and those who knew her, whether that be online or in real life.