A teenager from Shanghai who's trying to avoid the normal teenager mood swings.
Just a few things that you can expect to see here: Pretty pictures, Anime/Manga, translations (Hana wa Saku ka mostly), TV Shows (especially Elementary), East Asian Culture, social justice, foodporn, and other random stuff.

Track: F.O.V.
Artist: Suzuki Tatsuhisa [Takao Kazunari]
Album: Kuroko no Basuke Character Song SOLO SERIES Vol.5 Takao Kazunari
Plays: 2,469



TVアニメ 黒子のバスケ キャラクターソング SOLO SERIES Vol.5 高尾和成
Kuroko no Basuke Character Songs - Vol. 5
Takao Kazunari - F.O.V.

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