~Rei being totally taken aback by Usagi’s big heart but since she doesn’t want to get her involved (even though she already is lol) she gives a sad smile and pushes her away and all our hearts break~ 



I just imagine a young Pentecost working hard in his office when a tiny Mako slowly peeks over his desk and “shoots” him with a pretend gun made solely of her hand

He would give her the stoic Pentecost look before gasping, clutching his chest, and sliding out of his desk chair dramatically as if she’d really shot him

She’d climb on his chest, laughing and saying, “I got you!”

To which he’d respond to by clutching her in a sudden bear hug and correcting her: “no, I’ve got *you*”




Reblogging clips from this movie/series til their relationship and its perfection and simultaneous associated grief doesn’t hurt anymore.

Which is never gonna happen.

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oops my hand slipped.


I don’t where I read it, but for the longest time I thought Disney’s next animated film “The snow queen” ( now frozen) was set in Mongolia. But the newest concept art officially and completely squishes that, so I am now lamenting the change with a concept of what could have been.

Artist note: painted this in sketch club and accidently destroyed the colors halfway through, they were much better before

edit: I think I’m crazy can’t find any mention of the Mongolian concept from Disney. So I probably read it as a “what if” from a tumblrite who was talking about the movie.Whomever you are, thank you for the lovely inspiration.

[AoKise] Forget it

how i met your mother: outstanding comedy series

Nothing is comedy anymore, everything is just character feels and pain

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my aokise feels, let me show you them!


so I was re-reading the kaijō vs tōō match to refresh my memory for the next few episodes, and was blown away by how beautiful aokise is 

spoilers until chapter 73

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This is all extremely PERFECT and I’m drowning in Aokise feels, but I’m just going to quickly add my two cents. 

This is one of the most painful pages for me to read, just because it shows the extent of Kise’s development during the match. I mentioned here before that Aomine’s basically Kise’s role-model for everything basketball, so when Kise tells him here “Don’t try to impose your values on me,” it’s a BIG thing for him to do. Because before Kise would’ve followed all of Aomine’s values but now he’s actually fighting back with his own rules. Kise has indeed stopped admiring Aomine. 

(Also look at that shocked expression Aomine has, he’s so sad at losing his #1 fan) 

" Maybe I have...changed a little "

-- Tsuritama 2012: Sanada Yuki ( Episode 1-12 [Final] )