10 Aokise Fanfic Recs

Was organizing my computer a bit and realized how many Aokise fics I had saved up. I’ve had people ask me for recommendations before, so I thought I’d make a list. Enjoy! 

  • the dysfunction of miracles by onymouse: Akashi predicts the future of his teammates’ relationships. Aomine uses shoujo manga as a guide for human interaction, and Kise hates his internal monologue.
  • nevertheless, hello by VoiSieteQui: Kise dies and Aomine is left to piece himself back together again, bit by bit, one pill at a time. It’s hard, but as long as they’re still together, everything is going to be okay. Warning: This will make you CRY. 
  • come when you call me by JeanSouth: Kise needs money so his secret job is a sex phone operator. Aomine decides, out of boredom, to call and test out these operators. He gets on the line with Kise and they hit it off, in a very sexual way.
  • Yellow by neko-nya: After a body was found in a pond at a park 20 minutes away from Tokyo, Detective Kagami’s been assigned to the case. The victim: a member of the legendary Generation of Miracles who’d mysteriously vanished a decade ago. KagaKuro Aokise (Warning: Tears, tears, tears) 
  • First Interrogation by amariys: Kise Ryota is brought for interrogation by Aomine Daiki, Head of Organized Crime Department. Kuroko Tetsuya observes how his senior deals with the supposed-killer. AU!Crime fic. Not an Aokise fic, but has a really interesting portrayal of Kise. 
  • Herz by antichthon: It was hard to fix a broken heart, so they set on to find a substitute. Shota!Aokise (Warning: Tears) 
  • From One to Another by Canadino: ”You should make me your prince.” A wonderful fluffy fic, which is made 100 times more wonderful because, as we all know, this pairing has too much angst. 
  • ricochet by VoiSieteQui: the worst thing about copies is that they’re always a step down from their originals, are always considered as fakes, and are always pushed to second place. the good thing, though, is that they serve convincing replacements. that’s enough for Kise-because his only job now is to sit, talk, and pretend for Aomine that Kuroko Tetsuya is still alive. aokuro/onesided aokise (Warning: VoiSieteQui makes me cry too much. You will cry too)