True, true. Unfortunately this is a Shounen Sports Manga, which means that Seirin will in the end ultimately win. 

- And just a little interjection here, because despite all my love for Kuroko no Basket, the whole Sports Development thing is not something that they do very well. One of my all time favourite Shounen Sports Mangas is Eyeshield 21 and while it’s very similar to KnB, E21 is so much more epic due to how much better it is at developing the Main Character Team at Sports. 

No seriously. It really is. When the Deimon Devilbats (think Seirin of E21 but more epic) win at the end of series you are not laughing disbelievingly at the computer screen, because their growth is so much more believable. Throughout the manga they go through so many challenges and learn so much and grow so much as a team that it’s just beautiful to see them win at the end (I cried when they won. Not lying).

Don’t get me wrong, I love KnB. It’s just not that great sports-wise. I read it more for the GoM character arc and Kagami. Not so much for the basketball philosophy that’s running in the background… it’s not that I don’t believe in it, it’s just kind of cheesy (which is actually a pretty lame excuse because E21 is filled with cheesy things but I love them all. I guess the difference there is that E21 just executes it better).