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What you can find here: Pretty pictures. Social Justice. Media by POC for POC. East Asian Culture. Anime/Manga (but none of that weeaboo shit). A space that tries to be safe for WOC.

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Guys I thought we were done with this

Why is this happening???

Why is this- 



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Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line

↑ Delta Region, Netherlands — Along the southern coast of the Netherlands, sediment-laden rivers have created a massive delta of islands and waterways in the gaps between coastal dunes. After unusually severe spring tides devastated this region in 1953, the Dutch built an elaborate system of dikes, canals, dams, bridges, and locks to hold back the North sea. Image courtesy of USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office.

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hi! i've been circulating links to ferguson october, but I just wanted to make sure its been fully endorsed by community leaders/mike browns parents? Its not just a media farce?




Are you talking about the events planned for Oct. 10-13th?

yes! and the website fergusonoctober.com


  • A Weekend of Resistance (Oct. 10-13) More info.
  • A National Call to Action: Mass Mobilization in Ferguson Oct. 10-13. Click here for more info 
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Anonymous asked :
so tired of the lack of historical context of all these news/articles/posts. They're lastminute Wikipedia education then simplify. I'm absolutely not justifying the PRC with the past, but there's a very clear game of 'enlighten, better west' and 'dark, scary China' as if it's inherent. I'm sick of the sensationalism, of waving 6/4 so carelessly, of this being the next cool thing to support. My HK family is hopeful, proud but worried, cautious; however this end, it's us bearing the weight of it.

(slow claps) 

Well said anon, well said. Whatever happens later on, it’s us who are going to feel the effects, long after the unconcerned “supporters” fly off to their next “cool issue”. There’s no doubt that the issue of HK and Mainland China (as well as Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet) will continue on for decades more if not another century. This is something that will affect us for our lifetime (as it always has since birth) and there is simply no easy way out of it. The only thing we can do is be there for each other and aim for a long-term sustainable solution that will benefit later generations. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts anon, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. 

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Hello Aliens (你好外星人)

Starring Hwi Chan & Zhou Yu Qian

I’m just gonna reblog this because I have no idea what the fuck that thing is. Any guesses?

The one Hwi Chan is riding is called “Superwalker" There are many different brands out there and the cost for each one varies.

Other Brands are called:

Superwalker, IPS101, Solowheel, Airwheel, Firewheel, Fosjoas, Suoku, etc

As for what Yu Qian is on, it’s called a mini denpo

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Anonymous asked :
Sorry to send you a ask, but I didn't want to diverge the thread you were having? It's just...ppl realize Britain decided to play drug dealer and partly set in motion all the shit that went down in 19/20th century China? And they reach democracy only after finished with invading and colonizing countries? No way am I defending China either, but I know my HK relatives are so snobbish over the mainland. They treat mainlanders like the way Americans treat immigrants. (1/2)



(2/2) My mom uses rhetoric similar to ‘white savior feminism/racism’ when talking about mainland women. HK hires foreign domestic helpers and treats them like servants with disdain and suspicion. It’s a little like the colonial mindset? HK kinda see the west shining with freedom and democracy without actually knowing much about imperialism or what it took the West to rise to their current level of power.

Well the thread started with  a discussion of HK so it’s not really a divergence; in fact, lots of the “better off” countries where there wasn’t an ideological conflict with the colonizers over independence oh the surface look like they’re doing well and in fact have some of the damn nastiest traces of colonialism, like the white savior mindset you’re talking about. In Malaysia and Singapore foreign domestic workers are taken on and exploited in so many ways. 

It doesn’t help that in the glorified education system that we got, we’re not really taught about imperialism and colonization and how the West took over. Or we do but it’s twisted in such a way that we cannot connect it to current global race politics today, because history is history, it’s all in the past! It’s very frustrating how people see and don’t see history and its effects today.

Malaysians, like Singaporeans, Hong Kongers and other ex-colonial nations that had a “gentle” transition from colonial administration to independence1, have this major issue with the fact that our decolonizing work is incomplete, and in many ways despite our “independence” (in one form or another), is subservient to colonial ideals, prejudices and structures.

I mean, I have friends on my TL who are deeply affected by the current protests, and the Chinese response is deeply troubling, but yeah, you know what? We’ve seen attitudes like this from Hong Kongers before and some of that racism and unthinking internalized colonialism really need to be deconstructed, while you can be generally supportive for the needs of Hong Kongers to rule themselves in a way they see fit.

  1. Which means that instead of the affected communities taking over ruling the nation from the colonial masters, what happened instead was that a select elite of indoctrinated “statesmen” were hand-picked by the colonial administration, gentle eased into ruling the country, and generally held on to power long enough to create a political class that mirrors the attitudes of the colonialists “in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect”, not really independent at all, but subservient in many ways to the global hierarchy of race and hegemonic capitalism. And yeah, the alternative was to go the route that Vietnam, Indonesia and Burma went, which… you know what? I can’t recommend that route either, so we’re kind of stuck with reforming a system stacked against us. 

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What's Wrong With Hong Kong?>


As someone who grew up with “older” Hong Kong (because I moved before I could become one of the students who are currently protesting), this is almost a perfect description of what is going on and the undercurrents of political unrest that has been brewing there since 1997. Read. Learn.

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Sungseok Ahn’s series entitled “Historic Present”

South Korean artist Sungseok Ahn’s series entitled “Historic Present” questions the memory of past from the fast changing scenery of today. By overlapping a historical location with an old image of that exact place, he questions the way we treat our history and explores the dynamics between space and time at the same time.

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stardust-rain replied to your post:sun-flowerings replied to your post:I take…

…yeah, i think it started because i reblogged it, a follower reblogged from me and she has a big following and it spread. i’m sorry, i hope you’re not getting hate or anything.

Nahh it’s fine, it’s a pretty cool experience :P Surprisingly all I’ve gotten was some disagreements and one very lame hate mail so nope no harm done. I think what I’m mostly concerned about is that it’s starting to circulate among people who really know nothing else about HK and I don’t want my words to be taken as the words of HKers as a whole y’know? Especially when I’m not even HKnese. 

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Press Releases | Consulate General of the United States Hong Kong & Macau>

September 29, 2014

The United States strongly supports Hong Kong’s well-established traditions and Basic Law protections of internationally recognized fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press. We do not take sides in the discussion of Hong Kong’s political development, nor do we support any particular individuals or groups involved in it.

Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity have long benefited from a vigorous dialogue among its citizens and a firmly established tradition of the peaceful and orderly expression of differing views. In accordance with this tradition, we encourage all sides to refrain from actions that would further escalate tensions, to exercise restraint, and to express views on the SAR’s political future in a peaceful manner.

And… who’s surprised? 

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I’m at the peak of my tumblr fame right now yolo 

What this experience has taught me the most is how many people really do reblog text posts as links and don’t tag anything 

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ou-hana replied to your post:I take everything back. I don’t want to be tumblr…

OMG that’s amazing!

The notes they just…keep on going ToT 

I didn’t even tag it anything 

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So… the indigenous peoples of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, parts of Eurasia, Oceania, and Asia (excluding Japan and Thailand and a couple other countries) 

… are not “many people around the world”? 


well fuck I’m just so sick of people being all one or the other about this. Yes there is the mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples in China, but you can emphasize that WITHOUT dismissing centuries of wide-spread European colonialism jfc 

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Anonymous asked :
In that Whitehouse petition, they only ask that Obama speaks out against the police brutality. It says nothing of any type of intervention besides just a statement towards the Chinese govt. It will have a large impact on HK. -A HK Canadian


Read that very last sentence on the bottom and tell me if that sounds like a they’re asking for just a “statement”. 

I mean all the same, the US is unlikely to do anything else but maybe like a small speech which China then ignores. Numerous WhiteHouse petitions have yet to be answered by the White House and I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of them, especially when they ignore foreign signatures- yes that includes Canada. You can look at some other ignored petitions here. Seriously, take a look. Do you realize a trend? A good portion of those petitions have to do with China and East/Southeast Asia in general. Now why would the White House ignore these petitions? Could it be because they’re not going to let random petitions dictate their actions in highly important areas where they have to serve their “national interests”? 

Honestly the sooner you stop thinking of the US as this global policeman, the better. This post here goes into more reasons about why people dislike this petition so much. (Adding onto that, it bugs me how the person who created this petition had to rely on sensationalism- really, a second Tiananmen? As someone who’s parents were actually involved in Tiananmen I feel insulted) 

- A Chinese American who’s lived 10 years in Shanghai and despite that has more HK friends than Mainland Chinese friends and isn’t that just sad but oh well that’s the British International Schooling System for you 

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Anonymous asked :
Wait so your not going to talk about HK no more?

I like can’t tell what the intention is behind your question. Will I reblog further posts on HK? Yeah. But right now? I got to go to sleep dude. 

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